Monday, January 2, 2017

Was the Memory Lane Crystal rigged ?

The ongoing arena on Marvel's Contest of Champions rewards a Memory Lane crystal as top prizes on the 4-Star and 3-Star arenas. These crystals are supposed to contain a total of 26 champions released over the course of the year, but unfortunately did doesn't appear to be the case.

Based on multiple reports from Summoners who have participated in the arenas, it appears that only certain champions have been available through the memory lane crystal. In fact only champions who are already available through 4-Star Crystals and Premium Crystals have been awarded through the Memory Lane Crystal.

The in-game message from Kabam clearly stated that ALL champions released over the course of 2016 will be made available on the Memory Lane crystal. That would include all of the following champions.

img source: MCoC Trucos
Based on the graphic above, every champion since January until Karnak (in September) have already been added to Premium Hero Crystals, allowing summoners a chance to obtain them randomly through any of the freely available crystals. The newer champions like Mordo, Quake, Phoenix and Howard have remained arena exclusives with a random few drawing them off featured crystals.

The Memory Lane crystals were meant to award a chance at any of the above mentioned champions, and in now way be limited to champions already released to free crystals.

In the past, Kabam has shown great distaste in allowing new champions to be freely available to Summoners. However in this case, only 400 summoners get a very small chance at these "new" champions.

So did Kabam knowingly mislead Summoners into grinding millions of points in the arena for a champion that is already available freely on premium hero crystals ? Could this be a mistake summoners have made Or was this just an honest mistake that they will look to rectify ?

UPDATE: According to a post from Kabam on their forums, they are still looking into this report, and will be releasing an update once the game team has verified that there is an issue

UPDATE 2: Kabam has now ackowledged that there is indeed an issue with the outcome on the Memory Lane crystal, and are looking into providing a fix by tomorrow

UPDATE 3: Kabam is now offering to send out a second crystal to everyone who earned a Memory Lane crystal from the past arena. The new crystal will contain all of the 2016 champions. Essentially those who earned a 4-Star from the arena will receive a second 4-Star champion due to Kabam's blunder.

sources - Reddit | Kabam Forums

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