Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kabam releases Fun Facts highlighting contest's achivements

Kabam releases Fun Facts

Kabam has released some interesting statistics, commemorating the two year lifespan of the contest. The stats give us some interesting overview of how much the contest has grown, but also leaves us with some unanswered questions.

The most significant number is probably the crystal count, which has exceeded 7.3 billion. However, whats surprising is that Kabam doesn't have an exact count of its summoners, and has instead shared that the game is being played on over 87 million devices. While its very likely that Summoners play the game on more than one device on occasion, the number of crystals doesn't seem all that big.

The champion roster on the contest has also grown alot over the years, boasting 80 unique champions to date. With highly popular champions like Cable and Gwenpool expected to arrive early this year, we cant wait to see what else Kabam has planned for 2017.

One of the biggest appeals to the Contest is Alliances. I doubt many of the Summoners would care to stick around if not for their alliance mates. With the contest having over 570,000 alliances with summoners from 243 countries, its no surprise its grown so competitive. An interesting fact to note here is that most experts in the field and international authorities agree that there are 194 countries in existence, so we must wonder how Kabam's statisticians came up with their numbers 😃. Kabam has recorded over 955 hours of gameplay on the contest, which totals over 109,000 years of gaming - which is mind-blowing.

The last bit of information shared on the fact sheet is on champion usage by Star rating. Cyclops rules the list of most used 5-Star champions, while the ever reliable Doc Strange is the most used 4-Star. An awakened Cyclops is probably one of the best offensive champions, so it wasn't surprising having him as the most popular 5-Star.

Doctor Strange is easily one of the most reliable and popular champions on this game, because of his healing buff and continuous power gain. While many would argue that Scarlet Witch should have taken the top spot, the fact that Doc is nearly as reliable un-awakened, gives him a slight edge over Wanda.

The 3-Star, 2-Star and 1-Star champion popularity is likely a result of their easy availability. The 3-Star Colossus and 2-Star wolverine are popular drops on the Daily Crystal. Colossus provides new summoners with a strong defense, while Wolverine's healing factor is extremely useful even in his early 2-Star form. The one surprising factor was the Spider-Man (classic), who is both the most popular 1-Star and the most used for fights.

The popularity of the 1-Star could be because he's offered to every Summoner for free when the start playing the game. Ideally 1-Stars dont have a place in the game as soon as Summoner's gain 2-Stars and above. So why is the classic Spidey so popular ?  Do Summoners rank up and use their 1-Star longer than usual ? Or is Spidey just that popular in every star rating?

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