Friday, January 6, 2017

How do get double rewards in Level Up and Class Advancement Events

Kabam recently announced that all 22-hour Level Up and and 7-hour Class Advancement solo events will offer double milestone and rank rewards. The double rewards will be active until January 20th at 1PM EST. Both these events are among the easiest to complete, since very little effort is required on them for prepared summoners.

Level Up is better suited for summoners who have multiple champions to rank and level up. Class Advancements are better suited for seasoned summoners who have ranked up all their champions, and only have a couple of champions to rank up every now and then. The following rewards are available to higher rated summoners

Level Up Milestone Rewards (Adjusted during double rewards)

  • 2,200 - 200 GSCS, 3000 gold, 2x T3 Basic ISO, 2x LVL 1 Heal
  • 8,800 - 400 GSCS, 400  LSC, 2x Arena Boost Crystals, 1000 T3 Basic Cat Frags
  • 17,600 - 800 GSCS, 5000 gold, 2000 T3 Basic Catalyst Frags, 2x LVL 1 Revives, 2x 3★ Signature Stone Crystal
  • 28,600 - 1500 GSCS, 4x Arena Boost Crystals, 2x LVL 2 Heals, 6x T3 Class Cat Frag Crystals, 50 Units
  • 44,000 - 4000 GSCS,  4 gold crystals, 14 T3 Class Cat Frag Crystals, 2x 4★ Signature Stone Crystals, 2x Arena Boost Crystals

Class Advancement Milestone Rewards (Adjusted during double rewards)

  • 2,000 - 200 GSCS, 200 LSCS, 2x T3 Class ISO
  • 8,000 - 400 GSCS, 400 LSCS, 4x T3 Class ISO, 2x T2 Class Signature Stone
  • 20,000 - 1000 GSCS, 1000 LSCS, 40 3★ Shards, 2x 3★ Signature Stone Crystal
  • 40,000 - 2000 GSCS, 2000 LSCS, 40 4★ Shards, 2x 4★ Signature Stone Crystal, 6x T3CC Frag Crystal

Both events offer 3-Star and 4-Star Signature Stone crystals as milestone rewards. During the course of this promotion, you can walk away with two of each signature stone, and even more if you get rank rewards.

Which of the events should I focus on ?

Since both events offer very similar rewards, Summoners should try and focus on the Class Advancement events instead of the Level Up event. Class Advancement events only require maxing a single 3-Star Champion from its base level or taking a 4-Star champion from base to 3/30.

Generally your best bet is having an Advancement event run alongside Level Up, so summoners can collect rewards off both events.

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