Monday, January 16, 2017

5-Star Shard Cache Offers

5-Star Shard Cache Offers

Kabam has just announced another money making deal, clearly aimed at the 1% who spend excessively on the game. This three tier deal gives you 1x 5-Star Shard Crystal, 5x Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts, 1x Tier 4 Basic Catalyst and 1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal

5-Star Shard Cache

For 1000 units you get 1000 5-Star Crystal Shards and 5x Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts. Purchasing this offer unlocks the second one.

There is very little in terms of value here, but the cost is in line with what Kabam expects for their 5-Star Crystals. The 5 Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts on the other hand is nothing more than a slap on the face for advanced veterans.

Advanced 5-Star Shard Cache

3000 Units will get you an additional 3000 5-Star Shards and a Tier 4 Basic Catalyst. Purchasing this offer also unlocks the third and final offer on this "deal".

Again, the cost for 5-Star shards is in line with what Kabam values a 5-Star Crystal. There is no form of deal here besides the Tier 4 Basic Catalyst. However, any advanced player will clearly need much more than a single catalyst at this point, and again shows Kabam doesn't understand value or need.

Superior 5-Star Shard Cache

The third and final offer requires an additional 5000 Units, bringing with it 6000 5-Star Shards and a Tier 4 Class Catalyst (T4CC) crystal.

Despite the allure of a T4CC, players are once again offered extremely overpriced items without much value. Summoners who can afford to purchase this deal likely have more than enough T4CC and would have much rather had more T4bs offered for this many units.

Overall, this deal goes down as one of the worst deals from a company that really has no clue what their playerbase needs... These kind of offers should be avoided at all cost, even though its packaged falsely as some kind of advantage for those looking to obtain one of the upcoming new additions to the 5-Star Shard Crystal.

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