Friday, January 20, 2017

Lunar New Year event - Here's all you need to know

Lunar New Year event

Kabam has announced a new event in celebration of the Lunar New Year. The event will take place between January 24th and February 6th. The event includes new items known as pockets, a new calendar, a new event quest and the ability to gift your friends and alliance members for a limited time. You can learn all about the new event after the break

This event is actually different from events we've seen in the past, with the introduction of 'Pockets'. There are three distinct types of Pockets:

Red Pocket Ticket Red Pocket Tickets
Red Pocket Red Pocket
Greater Red Pocket Greater Red Pocket

The Red Pocket and the Greater Red Pocket can be traded in for 

Red Pocket Red Pocket Crystal
Greater Red Pocket Greater Red Pocket Crystal

Red Pocket Tickets on the other hand are a temporary form of currency, which can be used to gift Red Pocket (Crystal)s to your friends and alliance members. 

At this point in the event, there is no form of gifting these crystals without these Red Pocket Tickets. These tickets are only available in the new Lunar New Year Quest, and there are only 10 tickets available.

This means each Summoner will be able to gift (or trade) 10 Red Pocket (Crystal)s. Additional crystals can be earned by completing the quest and from the special login Calendar.

Red Pocket Crystal

The Red Pocket Crystal is obtained by gifting (trading) your Red Pockets and by completing the Lunar New Year Quest. This crystal rewards include, gold, Premium Shards, 4-Star Shards and ISO-8.

Greater Red Pocket Crystal

The Greater Red Pocket Crystals can be obtained by trading in your Greater Red Pockets. The Greater Red Pockets are currently only available through completing the Lunar New Year Event Quest and the Lunar New Year Calendar.

This Crystal rewards include Units, Gold, 5-Star Shards, Premium Shards and Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment crystals.

Lunar New Year Quest

The Lunar New Year Event Quest consists of six chapters, with each chapter containing two quests. These quests only require one energy per tile, allowing you to complete the entire quest with around two full energies.

Completing the quest offers a total of 10 Red Pocket Tickets, which can be used to trade Red Pockets with your friends and alliance members. You also get a total of 4 Red Pockets and 5 Greater Red Pockets by completing and exploring the entire Event Quest.

Lunar New Year Calendar

The Lunar New Year Calendar is a special event Calendar which will run between January 24th and February 6th.

Lunar New Year event Calendar

Calendar Rewards include Premium Hero Shards, 3-Star Shards, 4-Star Shards, 5-Star Shards, Red Pockets, Units, Five Star Signature Stones and more.

Lunar New Year Gifting Event

The Lunar New Year Gifting event will take place alongside the other festivities and will span 14 days. Points on this event can only be earned by gifting (trading) Red Pockets. No points will be awarded for any other form of gifting.

Rewards include Greater Red Pockets, Alliance Heals and Revives, and Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst shards.

Each member can put in 1000 points by completing the Lunar New Year Event, and trading Pockets. This should total 30,000 points and cover all the milestones on the Gifting Event.

What's with the number 8 ?

In case you were wondering why you kept seeing the number 8 in all (or most) of youre rewards, its because Eight (Ba in Chinese) has the similar pronunciation with 发 (Fa, meaning wealth or fortune), this number is very welcome among Chinese people. [source]

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