Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February Calendar rewards include Howard the Duck and more

February Reward Calendar includes Howard the Duck

The February Reward Calendar is now live, and includes Howard the Duck as a reward for logging in for 25 days. Now Kabam claims that the rewards are better than before, but we have to call bs on that statement.

The January Calendar included some amazing rewards like Tier 4 Class Catalysts and Tier 4 Basic Catalysts. Both have been replaced with Shard Crystals and 4-Star Shards. While some may argue the value of champions, we feel the new Calendar is a huge step down from the previous month.

February Reward Calendar

The biggest highlight is likely Howard the Duck, who makes his appearance on Day 25. Most of our alliance members, including myself have come to expect nothing more than a 3-Star on this day, but its a great addition for anyone who doesnt yet have this champion.

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