Sunday, September 18, 2016

A woodcutter's guide to groot

Groot is by far one of the most annoying (mini) bosses to fight on Alliance Quests. Mainly because of his ability to reduce negative effects against him. Those brave summoners to head into battle Groot need the right champions and the right masteries to take him down.

Groot's L2 is unblockable, so its important that those fighting him try and bait his L1 instead. The second Groot also has an unblockable L1 - So dont forget to evade that one

Since Groot doesnt bleed, you cant rely on those bleed champions much. They wont do enough damage against him, and will likely timeout and cost you the fight.

MASTERIES - This is probably the first thing you need to address to battle groot. Groot's ability to shrug off a parry, allows him to counter attack you almost immediately. Summoners who rely on parry need to consider maxing out Stupefy in order to keep him stunned long enough to counter.

Those with Mystic Dispersion (MD) will also find themselves quickly stacking up their L1, L2 and L3 on their mystic champions, allowing you to counter Groot every time he hits you with an "I am Groot" boost.

CHAMPIONS - Since Groot is a cosmic class champion, the mystics have the best advantage against him. Obviously champions who have the ability to heal give an added advantage to overcome timeouts and the damage you take during blocks

  • Scarlet Witch - Probably the most effective champion against groot. SW will continuously nullify Groot's boosts. Additionally her heal and buffs will help you take alot of health off Groot speeding up your fight
  • Doctor Strange - One of the most reliable champions will yet again step up to the plate against Groot. Using Doc's L2 during his heal buff will help you nullify Groot's various buffs. Counterspell will knock off multiple buffs as well. Doc's L2 during his attack buff will ensure alot of damage, while a well timed L3 can stop Groot from triggering "I am Groot" often.
  • Magik - While Magik's low armor works against her fighting a mini boss, Magik's upgraded Limbo is a perfect counter to Groot's buffs. The reworked Magik increases her damage the more buffs the opponent has. Combined with the MD mastery, you can quickly stack up L2s and release them against Groot when he buffs up. However keep in mind that those using Magik have to be skilled evaders.
  • Loki - Even though many of us wont yet have our hands on the god of mischief, he is one of the most efficient against Groot. Those using Loki should first work their way toward his L3 which allows him to steal off of Groot's buff's during its activation.

These are just three examples of champs that can excel against Groot. If you have more strategies to take him out, please share them below

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