Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Should I buy the new "Limited Time Energy Bundle" offer

Full Energy Refill
Full Energy refills are a limited, and sometimes pricey resource on Marvel Contest of Champions. They are most valued by summoners attempting Legend runs on monthly quests and cost 30 Units in game.

Fortunately Kabam has an in-game store offer on Energy bundles, allowing summoners to purchase energy refills at a discounted price

The deal has 10 Energy refills for 250 Units, which is 50 units lower than the usual asking price. Additionally the deal requires 5 Level 2 Health Potions for questing. While the Health Potions may not carry much value for veteran Summoners, the combined deal makes it worth purchasing.

While you can purchase this deal multiple times, the only issue is that you can only store 10 Energy refills in your inventory at a time. All remaining Energy Refills get sent to your Stash and will eventually expire if un-used.

So if you are a Summoner getting ready for a legend run, who needs to stock up on Energy Refills, make sure you grab this deal before it runs out.

Limited Time Energy Bundle

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