Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Here's all you need to know about Dimension Rifts

Here's all you need to know about Dimension Rifts

Dimension Rifts are back, and Summoners will once again have the opportunity to compete for what is probably the best source of rewards on Marvel Contest of Champions to date. If you are new to Dimension Rifts, and want to learn about them, make sure you keep reading.

Dimension Rifts were first released last November, alongside the Sorcerer's Conclave event. These rifts are tied to the Dawn of Darkness event, where summoners are rewarded Dimension Rift shards, by completing the various modes of difficulty.

There are four different Dimensional Rifts, similar to the four different stages of difficulty on the monthly quests:
  • Easy (Tier 1)
  • Normal (Tier 2)
  • Expert (Tier 3)
  • Master (Tier 4)

Additionally 2500 Tier 1 Dimensional Rift shards were awarded weekly, allowing summoners to access one additional set of Dimensional Rifts. On top of that Kabam introduced Tier 1 Dimensional Rifts with their Daily offers, which in turn allows yet another sequence of Dimensional Rifts.

Here's the entire breakdown of Dimensional Shards

The Rewards are one of the most rewarding aspects introduced on Marvel Contest of Champions. Unfortunately the rewards are still random, so your teammate may walk away with a fully formed Tier 4 Class Catalyst of 5-Star Crystal, while you get nothing more than shards.

Once you have collected enough shards, you can either purchase and spin a crystal or run rifts... As you will see in the section below, rifts are much more rewarding than opening those crystals.

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