Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mastery Booster Pack

Mastery Booster Pack

Kabam has introduced a new offer in their unit store, and this one appears to be quite a decent offer. For $29.99 USD, summoners will receive 2x Carbonium Cores, 2x Stony Cores and a few added incentives.

The Mastery Booster Pack contains the following items:
  • 2x Carbonium Cores
  • 2x Stony Cores
  • 1x Mastery Point Recovery
  • 50,000 Gold
This deal is extremely valuable for newer users who are still building up their masteries. Usually a Carbonium Core is valued at 550 units, and Stony Cores cost 135 units each. In this case you are getting a 1370 unit value for $29.99. If you take a quick look at the unit store, Tony Stark's Briefcase which costs $29.99 only offers 850 units.

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