Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Triangle Crystal Bundle

Love Triangle Crystal Bundle

The Love Triangle Crystal Bundle has been added on the game store for a limited time, offering summoners an opportunity to obtain one of three champions involved in the "Its Complicated" synergy.

There are three champions involved the in the"Its Complicated" synergy:
  • Phoenix
  • Wolverine
  • Cyclops (Blue Team)
This synergy offers increased Armor and Power Gain for all champions in the team, level 2 providing 2% and level 3 for a 3% increase.

The bundle is priced at 425 units, which is 25 units lower than the price of purchasing three of these featured crystals. Just like regular featured crystal you will have a guaranteed 2-Star champion with an rare opportunity at obtaining one of the three above mentioned champions in their 3-Star or 4-Star form.

Romance Crystal

Additionally you can also now purchase the Romance Crystal which gives users an opportunity at one of the above mentioned champions at 150 units.

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