Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Who's coming to the contest - New Champions revealed ?

The Contest of Champions is always evolving, and we get two (or three) champions released each month by Kabam. Rarely the company gives us teases to indicate some of the champions they are working on for release later in the year, and the community comes together to try and guess who these champions can be

Here are some of our own guesses for the upcoming champs for 2018

- Rumored 
- Predicted

An older image of the one above shows some subtle changes from Kabam's latest teaser. These changes are likely due to plans evolving over the months

Do you have your own guesses and theories to what we may be getting ? Sound them off in the comments below

Lets take a look back at one of the older teases (from 2017). This teaser started off well, but we noticed Kabam trail off toward the end of the list

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