Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Who's coming to the contest - New Champions revealed ?

Kabam, on their Facebook page have revealed an interesting diagram, listing out their first 120 characters on Marvel Contest of Champions. Unfortunately not all of them have been released or revealed, leaving us the opportunity to make a few guesses.
Luckily the diagram lists the champs in alphabetical order, allowing us to make some educated guesses. Based on the question marks which symbolize the hidden characters, we will have a total of 16 characters joining the contest

[UPDATE] The diagram is now complete, though Kabam has teased that the portraits hidden behind the logo could still reveal more of the champions to come.

With the MCU's continuous success and busy slate of films for 2018, the chart below attempts to predict some of the champs that we may see arrive at the contest in the coming year

- Rumored 
- Predicted

Do you have your own guesses and theories to what we may be getting ? Sound them off in the comments below

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