Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MXLV reaches 8 Million Rating

MXLV reaches 8 Million Rating

The Outcasts are celebrating a milestone today, as the MXLV alliance reaches 8 Million in rating. It's hard to believe our group was a small 2 Million alliance a year ago, and all credit goes to the hard working alliance members who have dedicated their time into building MXLV to what it is today

Ghost great damn team, loyal stable and kick ass!
Wiki Awesome team and i am the gatekeeper. We survived through 2 walk outs within months and managed to stay strong

My favourite moment was leaving to take over at mxcv where i found a gem who needed a reason to be shining and now he's a beast and one of my beat friends paul :)
DJRipster Sister Alliances, split ups, re-unions, hurt feelings, prodigal Summoners, and the #BoycottMCoC movement. We survived it all and came out stronger :) Two years later, Im still chasing JoeH on rating :/
JayRock Keep it going we are ranked 535 overall right now
Coddie We were a fat glass of water, and now we are tall...
if it wasn't for such a great group, I wouldn't be here at all.
It's been a slice; better than peanut butter and jam,
even tho someone secretly works for kabam.
ok scratch all that then and I'll just go with something inspirational and heartfelt like...... "when in Rome."
Paul There's something about this Alliance... Something very, very special. It's bigger than T4CCs or 4/55s. It's an honour and a pure joy everyday to be with a group this fun and amazing. This place is truly one of a kind and I'd take this bunch over any other Alliances out there, because we kick ass like no other :) MXLV for life.
Collector i was 135k when i join 3 months ago now 205k. i rem i game msg all officer to ask for a spot...
Tushy man Thanks ghost for recruiting me and bringing me in. Great group of guys here. thanks for having me.
Ivan Loved every second of growing and expanding with this team. Maybe not even team, but more so, family. I hope to continue the journey ahead of us and that we kick major f***ing ass
Brambo An equation of 30 summoners added up to 8 mil.. We kicked as just as hard at 5 mil., now we have newer ways of doing it with the champions we've won, grinded for, opened from crystals and ranked & will continue doing so!!! Let's all try and stay together and hit 9-10-11-12!!!
Lexi On behalf of mrpennach, last exit and N4rk, thanx for keep taking us back to the best alliance in the game. Great group (except bg1), great leadership, great peeps😀
Jabs MXLV/OUTCAST fam is awesome. BG2...FTW!!!
JVR Most amazing group ever. very proud to be apart it. but none of this is possible without the CANADIANS in the group EH!!!!
Jio When I started grinding the arena I noticed a guy named Last Exit was killing it. Every time he ranked 1st. I added him and started chatting. Then I added the leader of this alliance (Joe H).
I sent him a pm: hi
He replied: hi
I replied: do u have a spot for a extremely active but not as strong as u guys?
He removed me as a friend lol. Tried to add him again never accept my request. But I kept talking to my good friend Last exit. He hooked me up here.
I'm grateful u guys accept me and glad to be part of this amazing group.
Zypherus The decision to leave my old home wasn't an easy one, as I had grown up there and eventually became their leader. But I'm thrilled to be a part of a group that challenges me daily, and happy to help my new family reach this milestone. Here's to 8M and more to come!
Yaz I think i joined when i had a 30,000 - 35,000 rating and couldnt kill 1 node in aq without losing a champ.

I also remember when wiki first joined and said he was a boss killer. Hahahaha rofl. How disappointed we all were!
Jinni Wow 600k to 8 million :) has been one heck of a roller coaster ride! Well done everyone!
Joe H I just want to thank everybody that joined and stayed thru the tough times and help so many grow with advice and help it made our alliance be one of the best
Hockey WTF 8 MILLION?!??!?!?!
Bow down b4 the GREATNESS that is MXLV!!! mmaahahahaha

Meet the team taking us into 2017 :)

Wondering how you can be an Outcast ? Head over to our recruitment page and find out...

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