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Alliance War 101

alliance war 101

Alliance Wars (AW) are the alliance's primary source of 4* and 5* shards for summoners. The goal of the event is to capture (and defeat) your opponents boss, and in the process explore the various nodes (challenges) your opponents have set for you.

Strategy is the key of being successful at war, and our journey on AW starts with picking the right paths. Summoners should always follow the order displayed below. Its important that these paths are cleared first so other paths can be explored, so discuss with your team mates before heading off down one of these paths

5 - 6 - 4 - 3 - 7 - 8 - 2 - 9 - 1

The Paths will usually consist of the following nodes, but summoners should feel free to fight extra nodes to help their team mates progress.

​You can match the path numbers to the map below to indicate the route each member should ideally take

However Alliance War can become extremely challenging as we reach the higher tiers. Our goal on these higher tiers should be taking out our opponent boss rather than exploration.

In every case two strong members should start off on the center two paths, and then branch out to the outer paths. The outer-most paths can be avoided in most cases, since 100% exploration would usually cost the alliance a lot.

AW Map

If a full exploration of the AW map is not possible based on the difficulty level, an alliance can decide on one of the following plans of action:

1) Take down only the mini bosses on the center and the left

AW - Left only

The mini boss on the center (49) and the mini boss on the left (52) offer the main boss (55) the biggest buffs. As a team we should focus on taking these two bosses down before exploring the map and thinning out our offense.


  • Plagued Mind - Drains attackers power every 20 seconds
  • Mystic Ward - Enemy Nullify Effects have 95% chance to fail
  • Mirror Image - Automatically mirrors your beneficial status effects
  • Immunity - Immune to negative status effects
  • Once these nodes are removed its much easier fighting the main boss... In fact having these nodes active can make the main boss nearly unbeatable. Meanwhile the incoming buff from the boss on Node (53) can be overcome.

2) Take down all three mini bosses, and attack the boss

If you are in a slightly lower tier, or facing an easier opponent, you could consider taking down all three mini bosses (49), (52), (53) before attempting to defeat the primary boss (55). This will require an additional two paths to be explored.

Recommended Champions

Now that we have strategy out of the way, its time to talk about the top champions who should be considered for Alliance Wars

Block Proficiency - Alliance War Nodes are ridiculously strong and deliver a lot of damage on our champions. Its always important to take in one of the following high block champions to reduce the damage you take against these nodes.

  • Daredevil (classic)
  • Captain America WW2

Unblockable - These nodes can be extremely annoying to deal with, and evading is usually the best way to escape death. Champions with power lock or power drain can also be an asset against these nodes

  • Daredevil(s) - Both versions of this champion can evade these attacks, but the classic version does a better job of it.
  • Spider-man - All three versions of Spidey are skilled at evading attacks, but not as efficiently as Daredevil (classic). Dont make Spidey your top pick, but he is a worthy alternate
  • Vision(s) - Both versions of Vision offer Power Drain, which can remove the opponent's L1 and L2 allowing you to live to fight another node.
  • Scarlet Witch - While unpredictable, SW offers stun, power lock and power drain as a means to deal with these annoying champions

Thorns - These nodes appear on all the key paths and can destroy most of your offense. The following champions have a clear advantage against these nodes

  • Black Widow
  • Karnak
  • Falcon
  • Doctor Strange

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